Quality care with a friendly team of healthcare professionals.

Delhi Post Acute is a Medicare-certified, skilled nursing and short-term rehabilitation facility located just west of Cincinnati, Ohio.


Welcome to Delhi Post Acute.

Our team welcomes you to our facility. We work towards providing premium post acute and skilled nursing services, short term rehabilitation while aiming to make every effort to ensure both our facility and staff meet all of your health care needs. They provide excellent care with an emphasis on patient and family-centered goals for a healthy recovery.

Our team is here to serve you, providing post acute, skilled nursing and rehabilitation services.

Personalized and comprehensive care.

We create a personalized care plan for each of our patients, aiming to create a healthy rehabilitation experience that fits within your recovery requirements. Our team gives every effort to ease any concerns you may have and help make the transition process as stress-free as possible.

High quality of care and monitoring.

From initial entry to discharge, we monitor our patients to ensure that their recovery goals are being met with a level of care and comfort that exceeds your expectations. Our dedicated nursing team strives for excellence in providing a higher quality of life.

Therapy services

As well as providing rehabilitation services, our team also provides Physical therapy focusing on strength, mobility and activity tolerance, Occupational therapy focusing on regaining/ improving necessary skills to return home and Speech therapy focusing on verbal communication, cognition, and swallowing techniques.

A packed calendar of activities

We think it’s important for our patients to feel at home and comfortable in their surroundings and create a calendar of events and activities to keep bodies moving and minds active within mobility restrictions. Activities include coffee and donut mornings, arts & crafts, movie night, gardening and themed day activities. We also have an events room which can be booked for birthdays/ holidays on request.

We welcome furry visitors!

Furry companions are welcome and are encouraged to visit while their owners are staying with us. Please check with the front desk to confirm details.

Travel to appointments

If travel assistance is needed, we’ll work with you to make sure you are there on time. Assistance can be requested either at the front desk or with our daily team.

Supportive staff, here to put your mind at ease while you stay with us.
Excellence through skill

Supportive and talented staff

Our all-star team includes physicians, nurses, therapists, social services, and support staff who strive to ensure that every detail is considered in the care of our residents. Our staff will be there to be each patient’s biggest cheerleader for success in their recovery goals.

Compassion and comfortable care are our top priorities at Delhi Post Acute.
Emotional support

Social services for both patients and families

We understand that transitioning to short-term care or rehabilitation with us from home can provide hardships relating to emotional, social and medical health care needs. Our social services team works with patients and their families, providing tools and support to cope with these changes while being there as a shoulder to lean on.

At Delhi Post Acute, our kitchen staff provides a number of tasty menu items that are healthy and nutritious while working with each patient’s dietary restrictions/ requirements.
Delicious food

Flexible planned menus

Our kitchen staff provides a number of tasty menu items that are healthy and nutritious while working with each patient’s dietary restrictions/ requirements. We believe that eating healthy while staying with us encourages a more healthy lifestyle to promote an improved overall wellbeing.

Our friendly team are ready to help you

We’re here to answer your questions

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